ChristLife at Triumph of the Cross Parish

If you have questions or would like more information about ChristLife at Triumph of the Cross Parish, or if you're ready to Register for ChristLife, you can use our Online Information Request/Registration Form. To make it easier to communicate with us, we're using one online form for both. Just select the appropriate option(s) on the form. The right member of our ChristLife team will get back to you.

There are three ways to access the online ChristLife Form:

1. You can use your smartphone (iPhone or Android device) to scan the QR Code on the right to get to the online form. (And if you're not sure how a "QR Code" works, you're cetainly not alone. One of the next two choices gets you to the same place.)

2. CLICK HERE to open the ChristLife Form on your computer or mobile device.

3. Or stay right on this page and use the ChristLife Form that starts below. You'll just scroll through the form as you enter your information. And when you're finished, just press the Submit button at the end.


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